Sustainable Cape Wool Standard

Wool is not a mandatory choice in today’s apparel markets. It competes with other fibers, natural, and synthetic. However, the retail sector is rapidly evolving and issues such as sustainability, animal welfare, ethics and the environment are becoming increasingly important as factors influencing fiber choice when purchasing garments. Traceability and transparency along the value chain are also becoming increasingly important to underpin the story of wool at consumer level.

 This document is intended to package the essential components and principles for good production of wool in South Africa, as the first “quality” step in the value chain.

 And it provides the operational framework to allow the wool growers industry and its stakeholders in the value chain to utilize the necessary and appropriate tools, as well as evidence to support this process to promote our industry and its products.

Sustainable Cape Wool Standard Policy

Annex1 – SA Ectoparasiticides and Oxpeckers

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