Our Heritage

Cape Wools was created to continue the wonderful work done by our predecessor, the South African Wool Board. The Wool Board was constituted in 1946 and promoted wool and the wool industry, very successfully.

Cape Wools today is the official industry representative organisation of the South African Wool Industry. This means that we represent the collective interests of the wool producers, wool buyers and processors, wool brokers and traders, small stock breeders, labour and the wool testing group. We promote our wool communities interests within South Africa and internationally in partnership with the other great wool producing nations of the world.

The International Wool Textile Organisation (IWTO) is the custodian of the rules of wool trading globally and Cape Wools represents South African industry interests at the IWTO through active participation and representation at the Head of Delegation through Mr Anthony Kirsten and participation on the executive committee where Mr Wolf Edmayr serves as treasurer to the IWTO.

Cape Wools Board of Directors is constituted with 10 directors of which Dr George de Kock is the Board Chairman. They deliberate extensively on industry matters at the four annual board meetings where decisions are made on important industry matters.

Dr George de Kock is responsible to chair the Cape Wools Research Committee that advises the board on industry research matters. We currently fund projects through recognised research institutions and are continually searching for worthy projects to pursue.

Industry statistics are recorded continually and the seasonal results, comparisons and reports are compiled and distributed annually. Cape Wools stores a wealth of industry knowledge for the benefit of all contributors of the industry and manages statutory measures on behalf of the Minister of Agriculture.

The Campaign for wool with his Royal Highness, the Prince of Wales has been most successful in promoting wool globally and Cape Wools contributes to this initiative in various ways to assist with the promotion of wool.

Cape Wools delivers wool production advisory services with the assistance of the National Wool growers Association of South Africa. Better wool and more of it, is produced in South Africa or a result of our collective efforts. 

Cape Wools loves wool, the wool industry and is committed to promoting the interests of all involved.

Our Purpose

Our purpose at Cape Wools is to create wealth in wool. Whether your group is a producer, buyer or any other group, we at Cape Wools are unified by this purpose, to create wealth in wool, and it assists us in all our decisions for the greater good of the wool industry.

Our Vision

Our vision at Cape Wools is being the leading role-player in a profitable and growing wool industry.

Our Mission

The mission of Cape Wools is to support the South African wool industry with research, development, promotion and market intelligence through progressive, independent and transparent projects, respecting different role-players.

Our Values

We value:

  • innovation and creativity
  • being effective and accountable to all our stakeholders
  • being socially and environmentally responsible
  • being a trusted partner
  • transparency
  • transformation within the wool industry
  • sustainable wool production
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