Corporate Governance

Cape Wools SA is a tax-exempt entity without share capital. It was established as an association on March 11, 1997, in terms of Section 21 of the Companies Act (Act 61 of 1973).

The company’s Memorandum of Incorporation declares its main business as the promotion of group interests involved in the production, trading and consumption of South African wool.

An elected Board of Directors representing the various interest groups affiliated to the Wool Forum duly governs the company.

The directors in office throughout the financial year were as follows:

Wool Producers and Small Stock Breeders Group:

  • HF Hugo (chairman)
  • Dr. GE de Kock
  • SK Makinana
  • WG van Zyl

Wool Buyers and Early Processors and Wool Testing Group:

  • PA Lynch (vice-chairman)
  • CF Friskin
  • WF Moss
  • AJ Pape

Wool Brokers and Traders’ Group (including SA Shearing Contractors’ Association):

  • I Staats
  • J le Roux

Wool Shearers Group

  • IJ Klopper

Independent Director

  • Ms. NT Ndudane
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