Lightweight Wool and Why We Can Wear It in Summer

The benefits of wool are numerous, from its natural ability as a thermal insulator to the fact that it resists wrinkles. However, you may not have previously thought of this material as ideal for summer.

But that is exactly what it is.

Discover the joys of lightweight wool for summer clothing and why designers and fashionistas alike adore using this versatile and natural material in their designs.

Why Choose Lightweight Wool?

Set aside your usual cotton, linen, or even silk clothes this summer and embrace the benefits of wool. Follow the lead of Scabal, who have harnessed the power of wool to create a light and elegant summer suit selection that is perfect for the adventures of summer and made of 100% wool. The classic suiting collection, Londoner, is a range of British style designs crafted from Super 140’s wool to ensure a smooth, refined finish and a luxuriously soft feel. These contemporary suits are available in a variety of designs and styles, including traditional business suits, evening jackets and casual weekend looks. Not only are these suits extremely fashionable, but they are also lightweight and the idealistic attire for the summer months.

Lightweight Wool Can Manage Temperature and Moisture

One of the elements of summer is that it can be sweltering during the day and then noticeably cooler at night. According to The Woolmark Company, merino wool is known for its hydroscopic properties: this means that it is able to absorb and release water vapour extremely fast. This ensures that your body remains comfortable whatever the temperature may be.

Wool can conduct heat, as well as retract moisture away from the skin; those wearing lightweight wool sweat less, as a result. Therefore, wearing lightweight wool in the summer is like wearing air conditioning on our skin, allowing one to stay cool and dry throughout the day.

Lightweight Wool Keeps You Smelling Fresh

Sweat and summer goes hand in hand, and this is especially the case if you like to embrace the outdoors and get moving. Thankfully, lightweight summer clothing wool actively reduces the amount of sweat on the body, which, in turn, means less body odour. Plus, wool locks in odours, resulting in less smell coming from the garment itself.

Lightweight Wool Is Ideal for Summer Suits

If you are seeking a way to look and feel cool this summer, brands such as Scabal and Dormeuil are making this a reality for the working world.

Wool is the most common natural fibre used to create tailored suits, and so lightweight wool is the perfect choice for the warmer months. The French textile company, Dormeuil, specialises in designing and creating luxury fabrics. The newest addition to their diverse range is the Travel Resistance collection. Using a high twist yarn, the material offers a natural stretch to ensure that the suit maintains shape all day long- perfect for the executive on the go.

Optimising wool’s high-performance qualities, the Travel Resistance suits feature a Nano water-repellent finish. This ensures that even the most unexpected rain shower will not taint the suits dapper appeal.

The warm summer months and travel shouldn’t require working professionals to compromise on style. Lightweight wool has opened the door to comfort and class in the professional world.

Lightweight Wool Offers UV Protection

Sun exposure is one of the leading causes of premature aging, causing wrinkles, fine lines, skin pigmentation, and age spots. Not to mention the fact that it can cause skin cancer.
Protect your skin in style this summer with lightweight summer clothing made from wool that offers a natural UV protection factor of 3+.

Discover How You Can Wear Wool This Summer with The International Wool Organisation

Learn more about the fascinating material that is wool by browsing our fact sheet. Not only is this material great to wear, it is also sustainable. Make the switch to wool products today.

Article by IWTO

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