10 Fashion Designers Who Put Crochet on the Runway

Sometimes it's fun to look at what others are doing in crochet to get inspiration for what you would like to make. There are quite a few high-end well-known fashion designers who incorporate crochet in their collections, putting impressive handmade items on to the famous runways of the world. Here are ten fashion designers you might want to look at for crochet inspiration.

1. Helen Rodel

One of my very favorite crochet fashion designers is Helen Rodel.

She puts innovative knit and crochet designs on the runway each season. They aren't just an occasional feature of her collections; this is what she creates all of the time. Some seasons are richer in knit than crochet, some vice versa, but you'll always find them in there and the work is always interesting!

2. Celia B.

Similarly, Celia B. is a knit and crochet designer first and foremost. I love the bold colorwork that is infused throughout her work. I especially love when she works with granny squares in a high-fashion way. And I love the photography used to highlight the designs in their lookbooks.

3. Katie Jones Knit

Katie Jones Knit reminds me of Celia B. in a lot of ways because of the rich use of color, intriguing use of crochet and fun, humorous approach to photographing the collections.

4. Lisa Maree

Australian swimwear designer Lisa Maree is one of the foremost designers putting crochet swimwear out into the world. Her swimsuits have been spotted on celebrities, graced the covers of Sports Illustrated Swimwear and walk the runways every season.

5. Anna Kosturova

You can also find a lot of beautiful crochet swimwear in the collections by Anna Kosturova who also creates crochet dresses, shorts and other creative pieces.

6. Dolce and Gabbana

If you love fashion then you probably know the D&B brand. Did you know that they often incorporate crochet into their high end handbags?

7. Sibling 

Sibling is a designer fashion brand launched in 2008 as a menswear brand that later added women's wear (first under the brand Sister by Sibling and later just under the regular brand name). They include knit and crochet details and garments in both men's and women's fashion collections.

8. John Rocha and Simone Rocha

John Rocha is an established fashion designer currently based in Ireland. His daughter,Simone, is also now a fashion designer making her own splash on the international scene. Each of them has included crochet details in their collections in the recent past.

9. Natargeorgiou

This may not be a brand that you know, yet, but you should if you love innovative crochet fashion. The male duo behind Natargoergiou includes crochet details on neoprene and other unique fabrics to create contemporary, chic, creative clothing.

10. Rodarte

Whenever Rodarte models hit the runway, I look a little bit closer to see if I can spot the crochet details amidst the knits and other designs. Usually I'm satisfied to spy a bit in each collection.

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